Foxconn is frequently spotlighted for the reportedly poor working conditions in its facilities. First, Wired famously revealed that the company had to install suicide nets after 17 workers jumped to their deaths. Then, a preventable explosion rocked one of the factories that builds Apple's iPads, killing three workers and injuring many more. Apple, to its credit, has said that it has requested that the Fair Labor Association (FLA) inspect Foxconn's factories and that its workers "have the right to a fair and safe working environment."

However, the FLA has already found "tons of issues" with at least one of Foxconn's plants. Worse, ABC Nightline aired an exclusive look inside a Foxconn factory on Tuesday night, in which it revealed many facts that are hard to swallow: Foxconn employees often share dorm rooms with up to 7 other employees, pay $17.50 per month for those rooms and make just $1.78 per hour. Worse, workers are expected to work in the factory in 12-hour shifts.

Now, we're not calling out Apple. Other companies employ similar manufacturers and we think Apple is simply in the spotlight because it's now the most valuable company by market cap measurement. It's also probably a target because its products are so popular and carried by so many consumers. That said, are you still interested in buying Apple products now that headlines are popping up almost daily about the poor working conditions in the factories that make the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch? Or are you indifferent? Be sure to vote in the poll and express your thoughts in the comments below.