A gang of Romanian thieves who police say stole nearly $600,000 worth of iPhones have been arrested after a year-long manhunt.

According to reports, the "gang," as they're being referred to, recently performed a dangerous heist under the cover of night, using an audacious "Romanian method" to steal the iPhones from the back of a moving truck.

The police report reads like a Fast & Furious movie.

Apparently, the men used a modified van to pull up to the truck as it drove down the highway. Two of the men then got out of the moving van, forced the truck's rear doors open, and then passed boxes of iPhones through a hole in the van's roof. (Do these trucks carrying expensive gadgets not have cameras?)

The same gang are believed to be responsible for almost 20 other heists in the past two years.

A video from 2012 shows off a similar night raid that may explain how the iPhone heist was pulled off. Police have long thought the theft couldn't have taken place while the truck was moving, but the video, along with a van full of stolen iPhones discovered at the gang's hideout, proves otherwise.

Obviously, the men got pointers from Dominic Toretto's exploits.

The men involved in the heist are expected to appear in court later this week.