Just ask any adult over the age of 35, and they'll tell you all about the (almost) extinct art of polaroid photography. What with cameras in smartphones, the years of analog picture-taking has become something of a novelty — the average point-and-shoot is falling off the wagon as well. But Polaroid is not dead. Not yet, especially with services like Instagram becoming so popular. The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera looks like any other cam in recent years, but it comes with a built-in ZINK printer, letting users print out that shot of the pier right then and there. The Z2300 comes equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor, 3-inch LCD, SD storage and on-board editing tools to apply effects. There's no need to replace ink cartridges thanks to the "zero ink" ZINK printer, and you have the option to print out in full bleed, with a classic polaroid border or a sticker-backed page. The Z2300 will be available starting August 15 for $160. [via CoolMaterial]


Every young child is practically compelled to write on walls. Or chairs, or tables, or any other surface that's not paper. So rather than snuff out the creative urges of kids everywhere, IdeaPaint is a sort of compromise that protects surfaces while letting little Jimmy draw to his heart's content. Available in both an opaque or clear coating, IdeaPaint magically adds dry erase functionality to any surface — walls, desks, tables, chairs, etc. Where you think your child might draw, simply coat it with IdeaPaint. A basic kit runs $225, which is a steep price, but a better alternative to having your antique furniture marked up. You'll get enough paint to cover 50 square feet of stuff around the house, along with your more typical paint gear: roller, stir stick, can opener and wet paint sign. [via TechnaBob]

LEGO Portal Set

You can argue that any medium that gets immortalized in LEGO, like a Hollywood actor getting a star on the Walk of Fame, has made it. Something like Minecraft was a natural fit. Portal 2? The ultimate nerd fantasy. LEGO Portal isn't a reality yet, but it can be with enough votes. Team Jigsaw submitted the concept based on three sets within the game — GLaDOS' Chamber, a Modular Testing Chamber and a Puzzle Board Game. And of course, all of the franchise's stalwarts are represented: Chell, Wheatley, Companion Cube, Turrets and GLaDOS. The project is almost to 10k supporters, which will then put the set up for review and consideration. Do it. For Science. [G4TV via Cuusoo]

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