Just in time for the holidays, Motorola and Polaroid are introducing a new Moto Mod that lets you print pictures from anywhere.

The Insta-Share Printer is an attachment for the Moto Z family that produces 2×3 smudge-proof photographs directly from the back of your phone. It utilizes Polaroid’s existing platform for on-the-go printing, which means you buy ZINK Zero-Ink Paper that’s already been on the market for a few years. Polaroid puts an adhesive back on the prints, too, so that you can stick them “anywhere and everywhere.”

After connecting the Moto Mod, you’re able to hit a dedicated button on the Moto Mod to take a picture and print immediately. There’s also the option to print from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos.

While this Moto Mod looks fun and handy, it won’t come cheap. Motorola says the Insta-Share Printer will be priced at $199 when it becomes available on Friday, November 17. Only Motorola and Verizon will start selling in then, though. Best Buy, Fry’s, and Newegg join in mid-December.