Taking photos has always been an inconsequential activity we all do. What if it wasn’t? What if when you take a photo, something bad happens? That’s the idea Polaroid explores, and in its first trailer, very bad things happen.

Polaroid arrives in the same spirit as horror classics The Ring and The Grudge, showing off what happens when a bunch of teens start taking photos with a haunted polaroid camera.

Bird Fitcher, a high school loner, finds a camera inside an antiques shop and, because teens are into vintage things, she takes the camera and starts snapping pics of her friends. But strange things start to happen. Dark figures can be seen in the polaroids and people begin to die. At one point in the trailer, they try to burn the polaroid picture of a girl and it combusts the girl herself into fire.

But then the real fun starts to happen. We get glimpses of the entity haunting and hunting the teens, and it ain’t pretty. As Bird walks through a dark hallway, she hears a faint breathing that freaks her out and she starts running only to stumble. Trying to get up, the hideous figure surprises her from the top and grabs her head and the trailer ends. Looks pretty legit.

Polaroid has great a premise and may be the next great horror film. Hopefully it lives up to the trailer. It’s due out on August 25, 2017.