Right now in Japan, there’s a test batch of arcade machines out in the wild running Pokkén Tournament. The recently announced Blaziken has been added to the titles, and here’s some footage from one of those test runs at the Pokémon Center in Fukuoka.

The player capturing the footage is using Lucario. He notes in the video that he’s playing one handed so that he can use his other to record the gameplay. The computer is playing with Blaziken, and we presume the player backed off to let the computer use its move-set.

The AI does look quite dumb here, but we hope that’s just a matter of this being set on an easier mode for testing. Who knows?

Pokkén Tournament has not officially been confirmed for a western release. Rumblings have suggested its coming to arcades here first, and then we may see a home console version down the line. None of that is solid yet, so be on the lookout for more.