On top of all the new Pokémon reveals from yesterday, Game Freak is also tapping into another much beloved spin-off from yesteryear for inspiration. The Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Snap will be used as a basis for a new mini-game in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Players can activate the mini-game through their Pokédex, and it will provide different scenarios to take pictures of Pokémon. And not all willy-nilly like the pics taken in Pokémon GO, either. This game will require extreme attention to detail, excellent timing, and, most importantly, the ability to take perfectly framed shots.

These different scenarios will send players into areas loaded with Pokémon, and tapping on certain areas of the screen will cause them to jump out for a brief instant. That’s when players snap their picture, trying their best to “catch ’em all” within the frames of a photo. Photos will be judged by the Pokédex, and the player can choose their best photos to upload for the world to applaud.

Top rated photos will open up new abilities like zooming and focusing, much like the original Pokémon Snap.

After 17 years, it’s a nice little wink and a nod from Game Freak and Nintendo. Acknowledging this fan-favorite spin-off shows the company knows its audience well and knows what’s best in pushing the series forward.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18. Footage of the mini-game starts at the 1:00 mark in the video above. The frame-rate could use a little work, but I’m excited otherwise.