Popplio is to the three newly revealed starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon as Jan Brady is to The Brady Bunch. Singled-out, picked on, ridiculed and razzed right into submission. “Rowlett, Rowlett, Rowlett!,” Popplio whines into the abyss.

Gamers always gravitate towards a favorite Pokémon whenever a new generation of starters is revealed. However, social media use has never been this huge during a new round of starters. The result? The swelling of an internet tide of hate. It started with a poll, then came the avalanche.

https://twitter.com/lisadraws/status/730085395312967680 https://twitter.com/modernscumbag/status/730073561717608448

Popplio evolves, folks. This crazy dog seal could wind up turning into a gargantuan beast of nature, and Popplio will remember. Let’s see what kind of goofy fire cat you get with Litten when Popplio evolves into some sort of hell seal with a lust for destruction.

Of course, every internet movement is met with a counter. I’ve actually seen more people giving Popplio love than hate as the word spread that he was the “lamest” of the three starters. The love often includes art.



I’m with them, folks. Popplio is great.