Fire up your Nintendo 3DS, hop into the eShop and download the free demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon! It’s out now.

Playing this demo will earn you goods for the full release. One such good is Ash-Greninja, a unique Pokémon earned at the start of the demo. You won’t need to do much to get him. Just boot up the demo, play its 30 minutes of length and then wait for release day.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches on November 18, 2016. On that day, you’ll need to boot up the demo and follow the instructions to transfer all earned items and Pokémon to the main game.

Ash-Greninja is supposedly incredible

Pokémon fans with more knowledge than me are digging through stat tables to figure out how good Ash-Greninja is. One such player, a YouTuber by the name of Verlisify, posted a long video looking at its base stats.

The title of the video says it all. “UNBELIEVABLE! ASH GRENINJA BASE STATS ARE BETTER THAN MEGA EVOLUTION!” Here’s that video.

Play the demo, get Ash-Greninja and get pumped for Pokémon Sun and Moon.