Pokémon Sun and Moon are now in the record books as the fastest selling Nintendo games in its 30 active years in North America. In the two weeks since its launch, the games have combined for 3.7 million copies sold!

The impressive figure marks an 85 percent increase over the previous record holder, Pokémon X and Y, which managed 4 million copies on a global scale. The 3.7 million figure doesn't include the 2 million sold in Japan and the surge of popularity Sun and Moon are seeing in Europe, where it sits at 1.5 million copies.

Overall, Pokémon X and capped out at 15 million copies worldwide, which is a mark that this latest generation is on pace to hit. If the rumors prove to be true, Pokémon Sun and Moon will see a boost next year when it launches for the Nintendo Switch.

The Pokémon GO effect is in full force

Before Pokémon Sun and Moon, the main series was trending downward with each major installment. 15 million copies is impressive, but it's not that great compared to the 25 million that Diamond and Pearl saw on the Nintendo DS. What caused the sales of Pokémon Sun and Moon to spike so high and defy this trend?

Well, love it or hate it, we live in a post-Pokémon GO world. Its popularity can't be overlooked on having an effect on the main series, just as Nintendo intended it to. The series reached a whole new generation through the use of smartphones, and both the new generation and nostalgic 20 and 30 somethings are flocking to the latest release. It also happens to be a huge critical success. so that always helps.

I only hope and pray that Super Mario Run does the same thing for the Switch's original Mario game.