Aw snap, Japan’s getting a Wii U version of one of the quirkiest and nostalgic Pokémon titles ever released.

Pokémon Snap, a Nintendo 64 title, is bound for the Japanese Wii U’s eShop next week as a Virtual Console release. It’ll sell for ¥1028, or right around $9-10 USD.

No other territories have announced a Wii U Virtual Console release for Pokémon Snap yet.

Curious about what this is? Pokémon Snap is essentially and on-rails picture taking puzzle game. Players literally roll through areas while aiming their camera in order to capture Pokémon on film. Some Pokémon require players work through a specific set of steps in order to actually reveal themselves, and that’s the magic in the game. Its replayability is fantastic, as long as you enjoy the core mechanic.

I doubt this is the case, but this release would be absolutely perfect for the Wii U’s GamePad setup. It won’t happen with the Virtual Console port, but imagine a new Pokémon Snap where the TV screen featured the world around the player while their Wii U’s GamePad served as a motion control-based camera, letting them look around in a 360-degree field to spot Pokémon. That would be sweet.

We’ll be sure to update you if Pokémon Snap hits the Wii U in territories beyond Japan.