Ah, so maybe this is the model Nintendo will employ when it finally makes its splash in the mobile gaming marketplace. The free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle has been downloaded a ton since its launch roughly a month ago.

How many downloads constitutes a “ton?” I have no idea, friends. I was just using an expression. Pokémon Shuffle has been downloaded 2.5 million times worldwide.

The word comes from the Japanese arm of The Pokémon Company on Twitter.

In order to celebrate the download milestone, Pokémon Shuffle players can check-in and receive a free “Disruption Delay.” That’s a pretty handy item for the tougher battles in this free-to-play adventure.

I have to say, Pokémon Shuffle is not for me. I know some folks out there are getting tons of mileage out of the gaming without paying a cent. But, I’d rather remove all the microtransactions and waiting with a simple $10 or $15 fee and just have the game in-full.

Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. Seeing how many times it’s been downloaded (and assuming it’s making them money), I assume Nintendo might employ something similar to Pokémon Shuffle when it does move into the mobile marketplace.