The blood of youth is boiling! The original generation of Pokémon is scheduled for a grand return on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on Feb. 27, and guess what, it still looks great!

Both the Red and Blue versions burst through the Nintendo 3DS' superior screen and refuse to be held back by their original 160 × 144 resolution. The pure black and white touch is also a nice evolution of the original Game Boy's green and dark green color options.

As for Yellow, Nintendo will release it as it looked on a Game Boy Color, which is the way most of us experienced it back when we were budding teenagers.

Give the trailer a glimpse, and if you are a 30 something who played these games for hours on end back in the day, I dare you not to try and hum along to these songs. I found it impossible.

And be sure to share your Pokémon memories with us. Isn't it crazy that an entire generation of gamers has grown up in the post-Pokémon world? I'm finding it hard to believe that many have never played these games!

That's just the side-effect of aging though, I guess. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Feb. 27.