Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

If, for some reason, you never had access to a Game Boy Color or a Game Boy Advance, I'm sorry. You missed two exceptional generations of portable video games. One of those likely lesser-played though still awesome games? The fantastic Pokémon Puzzle Challenge.

You'll have a chance to play the game (possibly again) on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console starting on Nov. 6, 2014. The better news? It's only going to cost you $4.99. That's a deal.

This match-three puzzle game took the Johto region and turned it into a crazy Gym Leader battle title. The formula is the exceptionally basic and now incredibly standard swap shapes and line 'em up to win, but the Pokémon window dressing makes it more of a gem than other affairs.

Here's one gamer playing it in its hard mode. Warning, the video is a touch loud.

I dumped way too much time into this one back in the day. I'll certainly pick it up for a few more nostalgic hours and a chance to take down Pidgey in INTENSE mode.