In what could've been a huge tragedy, two Pokémon contestants have been arrested after bringing firearms to the Pokémon World Championships.

James Stumbo and Kevin North planned to do exactly that. Boston Police Department has taken the two, age 27 and 18 respectively, into custody for not only threatening violence, but actually bringing guns to the convention as well.

After the two posted pictures of an AR-15 and a shotgun on Facebook, saying "[we] are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!," police searched the car and discovered the two weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a hunting knife.

What makes this weird is that the two are legitimately good players, with Stumbo ranking as the Nebraska state Pokémon champ. It's unclear what their motives were, but this could've easily been a massive tragedy had they decided to go through with it without announcing it. The two have been charged with unlawful possession of firearms.