Earlier this week during its financial briefing, Nintendo shared a stat concerning those buying and playing Pokémon games. The company revealed that Pokémon Sun and Moon saw more players in their 20s and 30s than any other entry in the series. Count me in that pile.

Here's what Nintendo attributes that stat to:

Celebrations of the Pokémon series' 20th anniversary that began at the start of 2016, plus the incredible buzz around the smart-device application Pokémon GO in July drew attention to the brand and set the stage for this growth in sales. We believe these activities correlated with the increase in the ratio of players in their 20s and 30s and the acquisition and reactivation of new consumers.

Fans grew up, go figure

Certainly, the 20th anniversary and Pokémon GO helped drive Pokémon Sun and Moon's popularity. I'd argue, though, that a lot of the purchases made by 20 and 30-year-olds came simply because fans are growing up. I was just turning into a teen when Pokémon showed up in the 90s. I grew up with this franchise, and those younger than me would say the same.

It makes sense, then, that we're still buying the games today.