Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson and myself are both huge Pokemon fans, but our approaches to the series couldn't be further apart. Joey has bought every generation of the series and keeps up with the latest additions to the roster, whereas I linger in the past and enjoy picking up my old Pokemon Red cartridge and hammer out a solid team from the original 151 solely for nostalgia purposes.

You can't believe how excited I am to see Bulbasaur as a starter in Pokemon X and Y.

Despite our different approaches, we were both active on the Pokemon scene back when it first became popular and are sure to enjoy the latest animated mini-series aimed at us old timers.

Pokemon Origins, because origin stories are hot in the entertainment business these days, retells the story of Red setting off on his journey to become Pokemon master of the Kanto region.

Professor Oak gives him a Charmander, his rival Blue smacks him down with a Squirtle, he takes on gym leaders, Team Rocket minus Jesse, James, and Meowth, and eventually arrives to fight the Pokemon Champions. I wonder if Mewtwo will show up in the final episode!

Most noticeable is the show does not star Pikachu, who is nothing more than just another in a crowded lot. This was a time before he was chosen to be the mascot of the series.

This is what Pokemon was like before it became an international sensation and a generational video game event. Before South Park had a laugh at it. Before Pikachu appeared on airplanes and in the Macy's Day parade. Pure, innocent Pokemon.

The Pokemon Origins mini-series is set to air on Nov. 15 through Pokemon TV and through the Pokemon TV apps for iOS and Android.