The Pokemon Company promised to deliver a special anime short to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and here it is! Available only in Japanese so far, it stars the male and female Pokemon Trainers of the third-generation as they prepare for their Pokemon journey.

The duo experiences all of the early hardships gamers have over the years, including early struggles against a Zigzagoon, getting ganged up on by bug Pokemon in a forest, and taking down early gym trainers. Of course, once their starters obtain the fabled powers of Mega-Evolution, their journeys become a breeze.

The narrative stops here as the narrator reads off all of the other new Mega-Evolutions and displays them with the special short's glamour shots. I would have preferred more goofy adventures from the early adventure, but yes, the main allure of this remake is the Mega-Evolution. Plus, the Pokemon just look great, and The Pokemon Company has no problem flaunting its anime making abilities.

Still, a little gameplay would have been nice. You know, just because you won't be playing these animated scenes. In the states, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire launch on Friday alongside Super Smash Bros. Maybe we'll see this short in English before then.

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