The company is hiring a Character Modeler, and they need someone capable of, according to the translation, creating “deformed toon-like person, monster, item.” That string of words surely points towards, as outlets like Kotaku have noted, Pokémon.

The ad asks that applicants have experience creating models for the Wii U/PS Vita platforms, so it’s likely that the approach will be different than Game Freak’s typical 3DS style.

This is worthy of some speculation

Based on the description, Game Freak is certainly cooking up something that sounds like the next Pokémon. It might not be Stars, but the notion that this isn’t a mobile title and that they specifically ask for higher spec’d modeling than what was on the 3DS suggests that a new platform is the target.

The position will work through May 2018, so we could be a ways away from whatever it yields.