So you think you're the Pokémon Master of Pokémon X and Y, well, think again! You've caught all 718 and officially have dedicated yourself to having no life beyond the Kalos region, huh? Well, how many shiny Pokémon do you have? Not as many as this guy, who went and built himself his own machine dedicated to finding rare underwater beasts.

YouTube user dekuNukem has heavily modified his Nintendo 3DS for the exact reason explained above. He wants shiny Pokémon, and he doesn't want to go through the grueling work of actually running through the grass looking for one. Shiny Pokémon have less than a .1% chance of appearing in battle, so you can calculate the conundrum any hunter finds themselves in.

Using a light detector, 300 lines of open-source code, and the in-game "Surf" ability, dekuNukem has at last discovered a way to catch any water shiny Pokémon you want.

Check out the video to see his unique process. What's even crazier is that setting this up actually would take less time than to catch a shiny Pokémon .

I've only stumbled onto one my entire life back in Pokémon Diamond when I found and captured a wild shiny Machoke. Never used him once, but he sure looked cool. How many have you found without actually looking?