While Pokémon hunting around Japan one day, I saw a Tauros holding one of my local gyms on the corner of my screen. “Wait, a minute!” I thought, “that one is exclusive to North America. What gives?” Looks like someone scored a sweet find from an egg.

If you haven’t heard, four Pokémon are exclusive to certain regions all over the world. Tauros is in North America, Kangaskhan can be found in Australia, Farfetch’d can be caught in Asia, and Europe holds rights to Mr. Mime.

Excellent! Just in time for my Eurotrip next week! Can’t leave Spain without a Mr. Mime!

It turns out there are several ways to get the region-locked Pokémon without jumping on a plane. The most normal way is through eggs, with several users, some of whom have collected all 145 available Pokémon in the game right now, reporting that they have hatched certain Pokémon outside of their restricted areas. Eurogamer caught up with a few of them, and they confirmed their findings.

My name is John Smith (yes, for real) and I caught all my pokemon in California. I’m 42 and suffer from severe agoraphobia due to PTSD. PoGo has been exceptional therapy in overcoming that.

Another way fans have found region-locked Pokémon is by loaning their accounts to friends overseas. I’ve got plenty of friends and family asking me to nab a Farfetch’d for them, but I’ve only found two in passing since starting. Sorry, no can do!