The first legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO has been found in the wild and caught. Several reports from Reddit and Facebook offer evidence that Articuno turned up at a gym in Ohio overnight.

Many had thought that the legendary birds were being reserved for special events and occasions, but that is possibly not the case anymore. Speculation now points to the legendary Pokémon being added in secret to the otherwise universally panned first update. A silver lining, perhaps?

Further speculation on my part leads me to believe this is why Niantic was so desperate to get rid of third-party trackers because what fun is a Pokémon if somebody can just drive to it? I better understand Niantic’s logic if that were the case, but that doesn’t offer an excuse for the broken in-game tracking problems.

Or maybe this is not the case at all, and Niantic is just looking for a way to spread the hype of their coming. One Arcticuno owner claims the beast was simply gifted to him.

Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds! I was simply gifted a Articuno by Niantic – everything about it is legit! I really hope Niantic sees all the hype around this and confirms its legitimacy! All I can say is that it is obviously a promo Poke to stir up hype, and that happened in no time! I had Articuno in a gym tonight, but it just got beat! It is not unbeatable, thats for sure! Just super awesome….! It is what it is! Go Team Mystic!

I have no idea why Niantic decided to give me an Articuno, but I surely do have one! Pretty amazing and I can’t wait for Niantic to confirm its legitimacy, but it doesn’t really matter…it can’t be fake when people are battling it in a gym! It is what it is!…and it was obviously a promo to stir up hype, and it obviously has done that in no time at all!…and it wasn’t b/c of a ‘late response’… i had emailed them with a question on day 1 of release and they just emailed me back tonight stating they were gifting me with it!..and i’ll be darned – it was right there in my pokedex!

On both websites, the user posted a video of the Pokémon in his possession in order to sway any claims of hacking, cheating, or photo-manipulation. Believe him or not, that is an Articuno in his menu, and he does have one regardless of how he caught it.

Other screenshots have followed in the comment section of his Facebook post, giving further credence to his claims. It’s anyone’s guess now, but I suppose we’ll find out over the course of the week, or maybe even day, if these guys are indeed now in the wild.