pokemon go sightings

Pokémon GO replaced its glitchy and controversial "Nearby" feature earlier this week with a confusing new "Sightings" menu. As per usual, Niantic didn't offer much of an explanation for the new additions included in its latest update, but after a few days players have apparently figured out exactly how Sightings works. Forbes offers a detailed rundown of the new feature in a recent report, revealing how Sightings improves on Nearby in some ways while also removing several key features.

The most notable difference is that the new system apparently doesn't rank Pokémon based on proximity like the old one did. You won't get much guidance as you wander around trying to track them. If a specific creature disappears from the list, it might mean you're walking in the wrong direction, but it might also mean it's simply vanished from the game entirely.

Speaking of which, Sightings apparently offers a more reliable list of nearby Pokémon by refreshing at a quicker rate than the Nearby menu did. It also limits the search to about a 200-meter radius to cover less ground overall. Finally, it won't show doubles of common Pokémon flooding the area, potentially making it easier to spot something rare.

Sightings is definitely a step down compared to Nearby, but it's  just a temporary stopgap. Niantic is already testing a new version of Nearby that ties Pokémon to Pokéstops so you can find them easily, though we still don't know when this new feature will officially roll out.