Gentleman Pikachu

Yet another handful of countries now have the chance to jump aboard and try out Pokémon GO. The European invasion has begun, and both Germany and the UK have access available right now on iOS and Android.

Go ahead, download it, and let the world know how much you hate or love it. We're just dying to hear your opin… oh God, there's a Bulbasaur nearby! Gotta run!

In the meantime, Japan is still on the outside looking in. You know, the country where the series actually comes from. I have a sinking suspicion that The Pokémon Company in Japan is purposely holding back for summer vacation or at least the "Umi no Hi" three-day weekend just around the corner.

I mean, we don't need kids playing hooky to go out and catch their Squirtles. This is Pokémon, not Dragon Quest!