Pokemon - Squirtle Squad

Now that it's officially the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, it's safe for companies to lean on Pokémon GO to drive consumer interaction. That's exactly what one brewery in Ohio is doing this weekend.

A good friend of mine, and current Columbus, Ohio resident. sent me a link to Actual Brewings "Pokémon Safari Beer Bus Tour." For $37.50 ($39.80 after the site's fees), customers can hop on a chartered bus at Actual Brewing (completely with Actual beer) and go on a three-hour tour. On the tour, according to the event's description, riders will "visit intriguing PokéStops, hunt for elusive monsters, and act like this is all perfectly normal."

There may be a chance to catch a rare beer in the wild. Beers on the bus are included in purchase price.

If something like this was going on in my area, I'd be all over it.

It's incredible that trendy caught on to Pokémon GO so quickly. Actual Brewing isn't the first to leverage the app in a smart way like this, but it really says something about the game's popularity that these things are happening.

Now, how long will the trend last?