Well, almost all of them. Redditor ftb_hodor has completed the North American Pokédex as far as it can go.

His count sits at 142, and excluding Mew, this leaves eight more Pokémon which are not yet available in his region. According to ftb_hodor, “five Pokémon aren’t in the game yet and three region-locked and not available in the US.”

The three region-locked Pokémon are Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, which are stuck in the Asia and Australia regions, and Ditto, Mewtwo, and the three legendary birds have yet to be included.

I already booked my flights to Europe and Asia. Just kidding, I have no plans to go after region locked ones. I believe they’re truly region locked.

Have talked to hundreds of people who have similar level or Pokédex to me. Even if they are available in eggs, by time I get them I’m sure trading will be out and it will be moot.

Collecting all of the Pokémon wracked up an astounding 153.2km of walking. In total, his Pokémon  journey landed him 4,629 caught Pokémon and hatched 303 eggs. Meanwhile… I’m still not playing. Let’s go, Japan! I’ll never be the very best at this rate!