Great, now I need one of these Pokéballs. The thing connects to the internet on its own, uses the Pokémon GO API, detects Pokémon and begins to shake back and forth. Rather than draining your phone’s battery while you hunt for Pokémon, this ball does the trick.

This Pokémon-detecting Pokéball comes from TJ Hunter. He posted his project on, complete with instructions for players to make their own. He lists the difficulty rating as “Intermediate” and estimates 5 hours of time needed to complete the build.

Here’s how Hunter briefly describes the device.

The Pokeball includes a Particle Electron cellular data development board. This way, my project can be connected to the internet without draining my phone battery. Inside the Pokeball, a GPS shield detects my location so it knows its current position. A servo placed inside the Pokeball lets it wiggle just like the Pokeballs in the game.

Using all of these parts together and some code running on a web server, the Pokeball can detect nearby Pokemon and alert you by wiggling around.

Yep, that’s cool.

Pokemon GO Plus Wristband

Of course, you can just wait for the official Pokémon GO Plus coming from Niantic in September, seen above. It should do the same thing as this ball, and it doesn’t potentially violate any terms users agree to by playing the game.

Kudos, TJ Hunter, your project is awesome. You can see it for yourselves in the source below.