Pokémon GO has been unable to keep up the momentum that it saw coming out of the gate, but don’t let you think that it means the game is on the way out. As of August, the game has lost a staggering 79 percent of its userbase.

But on the flip side, the hardcore fans sticking around continue to make it the brawniest and bulkiest free-to-play game on the market. Pokémon laughs at the deflated number because, according to research firm Slice Intelligence, the game still accounts for 28.4 percent of all revenue made by free-to-play titles.

In second place is Candy Crush Saga, which makes six times less at 4.5 percent of all free-to-play money.

In terms of money outside of the game, Pokémon GO continues to operate as intended. Pokémon merchandice is still 233 percent up compared to this same month last year, and let’s not forget that it boosted sales of the main games on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nope, Pokémon GO is still here to stay, and the updates are starting to make it a more complete experience. Let me just say, though, that the game still needs a better way to track these things. The whole experience still feels like a crap shoot.

All this success makes me wonder how Mario will do on phones now that Super Mario Run is on the way to iOS and Android.