Pokémon GO is finally making its way into Japan tomorrow! After what’s seemed like an eternity of waiting while the rest of the world set out on their own personal Pokémon adventures, the franchise’s own birthplace has had to sit and watch dreamily from afar.

“Gee, I wish I was out catching Poliwags right now,” thought Ron for the last two weeks. Well, now I can go out and enjoy the sunlight with the rest of you and do so in the safety of Japanese society… once I finish this I Am Setsuna review.

It’s fun, is that enough? No…? Okay…

According to TechCrunch‘s sources, The Pokémon Company in Japan is also going to be confirming rumors that a McDonald’s sponsorship has also been in the works. Reportedly, over 3,000 restaurants around the country will be acting as PokéStops.

Man, oh man. Wake up, crank out a few articles, wrap up I Am Setsuna, and then hit the town running! What should I look for first? A Drowzee? A Poliwag? A Vulpix? I can’t decide!! I’ll be sure to share some Japan Pokémon GO anecdotes as well. Anybody care to see Kobe populated with the little beasts?