Pokémon GO is so huge that it is having several unexpected Affects on other apps. The number of downloads has already surpassed that of Tinder, meaning more people want monsters than dates, and now Spotify is showing that people love listening to Pokémon music when they are out hunting.

Please, tell me you are using headphones, people.

Indeed, the original Pokémon cartoon theme song, the one in the video above, has jumped 362 percent over the last week. In fact, “overall streams of Pokémon songs on Spotify have more than tripled” as well, Spotify tell VG247. Overall197,000 Pokémon playlists have been generated since the game launched with 53,00o of them being called “Pikachu.”

Honestly, the television songs are fine, but you’re never going to do better than the original Red &Blue soundtracks. Try this little ditty on for size the next time you are crawling in the tall grass.