Pokémon GO? Sure, I guess it’s kind of a big deal. It’s already bigger than Tinder, and now it’s doing work for The Pokémon Company’s parent company, Nintendo.

All those stock market traders got word of the kids gathering round in parking lots in order to spin a Pokéstop symbol for balls and potions, and that’s caused Nintendo’s stock to soar. Bloomberg TV’s David Ingles tweeted this graph and pointed towards Nintendo’s biggest single stock day since 1983.

All this over a few Magikarps, man. Pokémon GO has already been installed on more than 5 percentof Android devices. That’s absurd.

Now, will this game be updated regularly enough to maintain this momentum? Or, are we looking at the same flash in the pan that Nintendo has with Miitomo? Either way, these opening numbers say that Nintendo has the world’s attention with their dips into mobile.