Last week, a Pokémon GO player happened to find a dead body in Wyoming thanks to the newly released augmented reality mobile game. Now, a second body has been found by another Pokémon fan. This time, the dead body was spotted in Nashua, New Hampshire, local news station WHDH reports.

The unidentified man found the body at a popular park at around 2 p.m. on Thursday where it was floating in a brook. He alerted the authorities and a rescue crew quickly arrived to pull it out of the water. It’s currently being examined to determine the cause of death.

Pokémon GO has pushed a lot of gamers to get off the couch and go outside, but it’s also had some downsides. There have been multiple injuries caused by people staring at their phones while walking, and some criminals have even used the game’s lure system to isolate potential victims. The app’s also caused controversy for showing Pokémon at inappropriate locations like a Holocaust museum and the 9/11 Memorial in New York.

Still, for the most part, Pokémon GO seems to be a force for good. I’ve seen dozens of people congregating in parks and other open areas to chat pleasantly and catching Pokémon. But it’s still important to stay safe and avoid wandering off into a dangerous area on your own, even if there’s a rare Pokémon to be found.