There was a while there over the weekend that my dog-walking routine suffered from a supreme lack of trying to “Catch them all” in Pokémon GO. Despite a number of buggy force-closes of the app, which typically works, Pokémon GO was officially down. Now, we know why.

OurMine, a trio of teenagers if this source is to be believed, launched a DDoS attack on Pokémon GO. Why?

This is the same group that’s hacked tech industry leaders only to advertise their “security” services with the hacked accounts. The DDoS’ing of Pokémon GO comes because, according to the OurMine member speaking with TechCrunch, the group doesn’t “want other hackers attack their servers.” They offer that OurMine can and “should protect their servers.”

The group wrote on its site that, “No one will be able to play this game till Pokemon Go [sic] contact us on our website to teach them how to protect it!”

How much do they charge? Anywhere from $30 up to $5000.

Any takers? No?