Now that Niantic finally has Pokémon GO running stable (albeit with a few missing features) the company is starting to add new features on a semi-regular basis. Last month the company introduced an Appraisal system for sizing up your Pokémon, and now it’s ready to announce the next big new feature.

The Buddy Pokémon feature confirmed on Friday lets you select one of your monsters and designate them as your buddy. They’ll show up next to your avatar in the game and unlock special “rewards and experiences.” That includes extra Candy for leveling up your Pokémon that you’ll earn by walking around.

Niantic didn’t reveal any other perks of the Buddy system. However, the company does note that you can change your buddy at any time, suggesting there may be an advantage to having different Pokémon at your side depending on the situation.

The company hasn’t revealed when Buddy Pokémon will actually launch either, but it notes says there’s “a lot more in the works this fall.” Whether that’s enough to keep even more people from abandoning the game remains to be seen, but I’m still holding out hope that Niantic can turn things around by adding new features later this year before I lose interest entirely.