It looks like the Pocket Monsters we’ll be catching during the first phase of Pokémon Go will all come from the original generation.

Niantic Labs released a Field Test of Pokémon Go to select Japanese gamers, and some folks on Reddit took to data-mining the application to scoop out what information they could. First bit of info? The game only features the original 151 from Gen 1.

Pokémon Go - Gen 1 Pokémon

That’s good news and bad news, depending on your opinion of later Pokémon generations.

The mine also found that this game will feature badges for things like walking a certain distance. There’s also a day and night cycle and the app seems to feature microtransactions for stuff like PokéBalls.

What do you think about the potential decision to only feature the original 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Go?