The illusion of Pokémon’s Dragonite is that despite being the happiest dragon on Earth, he’s a dangerous and menacing Pokémon that has an infinite pool of power to tap into when the time comes to get rough. I can see how Mewtwo, the legendary birds, and all three starters can be seen as combat ready since they have a mean streak to their design, but Dragonite makes Puff the Magic Dragon look like the stuff of your nightmares.

Now, enter Pokémon Generations episode 4. Elite Four leader Lance investigates an underworld lab belonging Team Rocket and their horrible Pokémon experiments, and when he is caught, his cute, adorable Dragonite flips the switch and shows a dark side no human or Pokémon wants to be on the wrong side of.

Oh, poor Ratticate, Golbat, Grimer, and Magnamite. They never stood a chance.

It’s an exciting episode, and The Pokémon Company has done a brilliant job producing the mini-series. Pro-tip to Team Rocket, though. When fighting Lance’s exceptional Dragonite, we all know that there is only one Pokémon who can beat him outright.


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