It’s hard to find people who haven’t played the hit mobile game Pokémon GO; it’s even harder to find someone who has never seen a Pokémon character in their life. Sam, an artist who recently surfaced his dark secret on Reddit, happens to fall in the latter category.

In a post on Reddit’s /r/ICanDrawThat, Sam (Reddit name “netwoodle”) offered to draw Pokémon based on their names alone. According to him, he had no previous knowledge of what the characters looked like, making this experiment a delight for existing Pokémon fans.

“Give me a name and I’ll doodle your Pokémon,” Sam said in the post. “It can be an actual Pokémon or one that exists only in your imagination. Honestly, I won’t know the difference.”

What followed was a deluge of requests, from Bulbasaur to Darkrai. My personal favorite is Vulpix, who looks like a rejected character from Street Sharks.

This Is Insider caught up with the artist to talk about his approach to the drawings, which were done without first checking to see what the actual Pokémon look like. The results, as you can see above, are absolutely adorable.

Images via Netwoodle/Pokémon Company