Earlier this week, we, along with several other sites and blogs, ran a warning for potential buyers and Pokémon fans shopping the App Store on their iOS devices. There was a "game" being offered for $0.99, it was supposedly "Pokemon Yellow."

Pokémon it was not. The game was a sham and, so far as we can tell, has been pulled from the App Store.

Now, the Pokémon Company has issued word by way of Develop concerning their policy on these fact attempts at products:

"We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards…"

The Pokémon Company went on to give would-be consumers instruction on what to do should they encounter these faux apps.

"Fans who encounter questionable products should report to us immediately so we can keep other fans from falling victim to these scams…"

What the makers of Pokémon do not do, however, is provide a link or instruction concerning exactly how to contact the company should you stumble upon a fake application or piece of merchandise. We assume the best course of action would be to head to their official site and follow the directions on the Contact Us page. Is that the correct way to do it? We have no idea.

Unfortunately, this response doesn't amount to much for consumers. Quality control is in the marketplace owner's hands, it's not up to the consumers or third party companies. It's Apple's responsibility to keep "games" like this off the App Store.

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