You can argue all you want about the quality of Pokémon GO as a gaming experience. To The Pokémon Company, it could very well be the best financial decision that it has made since it got into the gaming business in the first place.

According to the company's latest financial reports, the combination of Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun and Moon scored a grand total profit of $143.3 million, as recounted and translated by analyst Serkan Toto.

According to the disclosure, net profit reached a staggering US$143.3 million in the fiscal year that ended on February 28, 2017 (there are no sales figures given).

For comparison's sake, the previous year, The Pokémon Company managed to pull in $5.6 million in profits. Even when the company performed at its very best over the last several years, back after the release of Pokémon X and in 2013, it was only able to double those profits at about $10.6 million.

What do we do with all this money?!

For a global corporation like The Pokémon Company, that is still an awful lot cash. Pokémon GO's unprecedented success is due to hand out quite a few pay raises and make a lot of folks happy. Maybe those people can buy their children more Pokémon merchandise!

However, the best way to deal with all that money is to save a decent chunk of it for game development. Invest and overhaul your mobile game efforts and start to make some genuinely exciting Pokémon mobile games like Magikarp Jump and give Pokémon GO a tune up as well!

When you turn over that much money, the sky is the limit!