Pokemon Bank

After a few delays, a round of outages for the eShop and general silence from Nintendo, Pokémon Bank is finally available in North America. The software is free on the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS, not counting the annual fee.

Japan and Europe already have access to the service.

Pokémon Bank will let players store up to 3,000 of their Pokémon online, to be accessed in later versions of the game. You can freely deposit and withdraw Pokémon from and Y into the Pokémon Bank. Pokémon from BlackWhiteBlack 2 and White 2 need to be transferred in by way of the Pokémon Transporter, a free piece of software that comes with the Pokémon Bank.

The first 30 days with the service are free. It comes with a $4.99 annual fee, though that small amount of scratch probably means very little to someone who needs their Pokémon accessible at all times. We imagine this whole thing will be a huge boon for lifelong players and tournament competitors.

Will you be getting Pokémon Bank? If you use the app before September 30th, you'll get a free Celebi as a gift.