Pocket is a great application for saving content to read or watch later. We use it all the time, but if you're like us you probably don't think much about saving videos as much as you do about content you plan to read at another time. There's a huge audience for video consumption, though, and the app maker said that more than 2 million videos are saved to Pocket each week. As such, the app is a bit more powerful now, thanks to an update that was introduced on Wednesday.

Now, when you decide to pull up Pocket to check out videos you saved earlier, you'll have the option of showing that video on the big screen thanks to new AirPlay integration with Apple TV. Simply open the app on your iPhone or iPad, hit the new AirPlay button, choose your Apple TV, and you're good to go.

The Pocket team didn't say whether or not it will add similar functionality to Android for sharing with the Chromecast, but we hope that's in the works, too. Pocket 5.0.2 for iPad and iPhone is available for free from the iTunes App Store now, and we've included a link in the source below.