Windows Phone Nokia redesignWindows Phone Nokia redesign 1

As part of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia, the Finnish company was afforded certain creative freedoms with the Windows Phone UI. As it stands now, we haven’t seen any such changes, though it seems there was potential consideration for an overhaul courtesy of some odd-looking mockups. This, we’re hoping and praying, will never come to pass.

Uncovered by PocketNow, a redesign was apparently hashed out by Nokia R&D’s senior graphic designer. To me, the design looks more like “feature phone” material, something you’d see on a phone that’s six or seven years old. Perhaps that’s why the designer was supposedly transferred to Accenture, which handles all Symbian related work.

Let’s chalk these up to be nothing more than a haphazard attempt to differentiate. Nokia already separates themselves by offering unrivaled hardware, hopefully it doesn’t become its own worst enemy by implementing a design like this. The chances, thankfully, are slim according to Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer Rich Green.

“There are so many places to innovate, it is critically important to provide the greatest opportunity for you the developer, you build once and everybody gets it, when you create more and more variance it becomes a hindrance,” Green said, adding, “We’re going to invest much more of our time, as we should have over the years, building on the platform as opposed to building in the platform.”

The mockups, per Nokia, “are purely [the designer’s] own personal design explorations and were never part of any project being done at or for Nokia.”

So there you have it. If you see these mockups floating around the Internet, know that they were for “personal design explorations” and “never part of any project.” Please, let’s hope this remains true.

[via Pocket Now]