PlayStation Bundle Sale

“Game of the Year” Editions, “Definitive” Editions, “Ultimate” Editions. Call them whatever you like, but they are all the same in the end! If a game becomes popular enough, or even just simply spawns a DLC package or two, you can bet that it and all of its expansions will be packaged into a re-released edition and sold at a slightly discounted price. Gotta score a chance to attract latecomers who might instead want to buy it used somehow.

It’s a common practice these days, one Sony is celebrating this week by dropping the prices on a handful of these “Ultimate Bundles.” Six new ones go live this week on the PlayStation store: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, Shape Sounds, Muramasa Rebirth, Toukiden: Age of Demons and Dead Island: Riptide, and Sony is dropping the prices of others. Check out the list below to see if anything is up your alley.

PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
Batman Arkham Origins Ultimate Edition (PS3)* $26.99 $29.99 $37.49
Batman: Arkham City Ultimate Edition (PS3) $13.99 $19.99 $34.49
Borderlands: Ultimate Edition (PS3) $7.49 $9.99 $29.99
Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition (PS3)* $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $19.99
Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (PS3) $7.99 $9.99 $19.99
Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Ultimate Edition (PS3) $7.19 $7.99 $19.99
Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance Ultimate Edition (PS3) $19.19 $23.99 $74.99
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PS3) $9.79 $13.99 $19.99
Muramasa Rebirth Complete Edition (PS Vita)* $19.59 $27.99 $34.99
Prototype 2 Ultimate Bundle (PS3) $17.99 $19.99 $49.99
Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Edition (PS3) $13.64 $19.49 $27.99
Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition (PS3) $19.79 $21.99 $29.99
Saints Row: The Third The Full Package (PS3) $11.19 $13.99 $19.99
Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle (PS4)* $12.79 $15.99 $19.99
Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle (PS3)* $12.79 $15.99 $19.99
Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle (PS Vita)* $12.79 $15.99 $19.99
The Amazing Spider Man Ultimate Edition (PS3) $26.99 $29.99 $49.99
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gold Edition (PS3)* $35.99 $39.99 $49.99
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gold Edition (PS4)* $44.99 $49.99 $59.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Ultimate Edition (PS3) $8.75 $17.49 $24.99
Toukiden: Age of Demons Ultimate Edition (PS Vita)* $28.79 $31.99 $39.99
TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron Ultimate Edition (PS3) $26.99 $29.99 $ 89.99

Of the new games getting a release, Muramasa Rebirth and Sound Shapes are easily the most recommended of the two. You’ll just need a PS Vita to play Muramasa, something not a lot of people own.

As for the rest of the new games in the sale, there isn’t too much I am fond of or looking into buying. I’ve always had a fondness for the Saints Row games, so both Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV could be solid choices. Deadly Premonition and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are also hard to ignore at the cheapened prices.

Anything you’d like to pick up?