Awww, isn’t he so cute. Even his name is adorable. Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones is a recently added pixelated 2D platformer available on PlayStation Mobile.

Tuffy is so anxious to eat those bones at the top of the tower that he just can’t stop running. You won’t directly control Tuffy, but you can change his direction with a simple tap of the left side of the screen. He will then run wildly in the opposite direction until you command him once again to turn around.

The only direct control you’ll have over Tuffy is his jump, and a simple tap of the right side of the screen should handle that.

With just these two buttons, Tuffy ventures through one very long and very intricate level jam packed with secrets and bones. Collect all bones AND reach the end for what Director Tim Rogers describes as “mega spoilers.”

We made this game for (in addition to ourselves) people who like the challenge of attempting speed-runs of games. We’ve designed the level carefully to appeal to players who want to speed-run getting to the top with all the bones, and also to players wanting to get to the top without all the bones. Maybe (Maybe!) we’ve also included a way to get to the top without collecting any bones at all. I wonder if that’s possible! I wonder if there’s a secret ending if you do that?

It might be just one level long, but you’re bound to spend quite a long time with it if you intend to beat this game. One pitfall, one touch of a baddie, one misstep and it’s back to the very beginning. Do you have what it takes to conquer this adorable game?