Konami is throwing a sale over at PlayStation Store with a healthy offering of Metal Gear and Castlevania games at discounted prices. If you are fans of those series, be sure to head on over to snag up a few missing titles from your collection.

However, we’re not here to talk about Metal Gear or Castlevania today. We’re here to talk about one of the company’s best and underappreciated franchises, Zone of the Enders. While I wouldn’t put it on the same pedestal as Konami’s unrivaled cult franchise SuikodenZone of the Enders marks a very important point in Konami’s history. It was the first series that brought the company onto the PlayStation 2, paving the way for Metal Gear Solid 2.

It was also the first series that Hideo Kojima created after scoring it big with Metal Gear Solid in the PlayStation days.

Kojima has never been shy about his love of big Japanese robots, and these two games are a perfect love letter to that fandom. They are loaded with fast and frantic battles, have brilliant anime storytelling, and they really hit at the heart of Japanese game design.

The first is a solid little action game that can be beaten over a sleepy afternoon. Easily worth the $5 for its charming tale and quaint goals, and the second is a game that remains one of the PlayStation 2’s most beautiful titles. $10 for some of the best storytelling and robot action from the PlayStation 2 days. That’s a bargain, I’d say.

Both are worth your time and hard-earned dollars, so if you’ve ever been curious, now is the time to check them out.