As far as company spokespeople go, we think Sony and the PlayStation brand have the victory on complete lock down. Kevin Butler, VP of just about everything he can imagine, has starred in, and made glorious, several PlayStation commercials. The marketing efforts aim his personality squarely at the core gaming demographic, and that shows with his flare for truth, justice and something, something.

The whole commercial above aims to salute one gamer for not "rage quitting" during a match of Killzone 3 multiplayer. The hero? Legit_Btness, who has an outstanding tag if you as us.

Between the "2 Legit 2 Quit" reference and the epic pair of Hammer pants, Kevin Butler has once again demonstrated that he will do just about anything for the camera in front of him and his world of fans. We love him for that. We also love him for his ability to keep an absolutely straight, cold expression on his face during all of his antics.

Our favorite in this new series of saluting gamers comes from Butler as he implores one gamer's boss to give him a raise based on his performance in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Here's that golden clip:

What do you think of Sony's Kevin Butler? Would you like to see each gaming company adapt their own version of hilarity like this? Or do you think Sony's marketing continues to miss the mark?