The future of TV is coming from the unlikeliest source. During its E3 conference on Tuesday, Sony said that's it's going to start offering a la carte TV through PlayStation Vue. Oh my word it's a cord-cutter's dream come true—kind of.

Only three channels will be available at launch: SHOWTIME, Fox Soccer Plus and Machinima. That's incredibly limited, though there should be many more channels later this year. Unfortunately, prices aren't exactly affordable if you start subscribing to a lot of channels. From the get-go, SHOWTIME will be $11 per month, Fox Soccer Plus will be $15 a month, and Machinima will be $4 per month; Playstation Plus subscribers will get a small $2 discount per channel.

If you want to subscribe to just one or two channels, Vue might be the way to go. But if you start adding multiple channels and services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), you might as well just go the cable route. Some of the other channels Sony flashed up during Monday's presentation include Cartoon Network, IFC, FX, FXX, VH1, Animal Planet, and many more.

PlayStation Vue is only available in select cities—Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia—so even if you wanted to subscribe you need to be in the right area. If paying for a la carte channels sounds like something you're into, however, you'll be able to start paying this July.