The PlayStation VR Launch Bundle’s pre-orders went live today at 7:00am PT. Before 7:08am PT, the pre-orders were entirely sold out.

Sony announced the pre-order date for the Launch Bundle version last week. Yesterday, they announced that the Core Bundle would go up for pre-order at 7am PT on March 29. That’s good news for those who missed out today.

What’s the difference between the bundles? The Core Bundle will sell for $399, and it offers the VR headset, cables, headphones and a demo disc. The Launch Bundle will sell for $499, and it includes the headset, cables, headphones, demo disc, required PlayStation Camera, two move controls and the disc copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.

If you missed out on today’s bundle, you’ll have another chance down the line. Sony indicated that pre-orders will come in waves between now and the October release window for PlayStation VR.