Sony hasn’t said much when it comes to the specifics of its upcoming PlayStation VR, but a recent update the PS4’s firmware just revealed a few new details. A safety notice shared on Reddit reveals that the virtual reality headset shouldn’t be used for anyone under 12-years-old.

There’s still some debate regarding whether VR is safe for children to use. Samsung’s Gear VR comes with a warning that it shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 13. The South Korean company also warns that even adults should limit their use and take regular breaks.

Sony’s new Health and Safety warnings cover a few other possible issues. The company recommends clearing any possible obstacles from the area, including pets, suggesting you may be able to walk around while wearing the headset. It also notes that you should quickly remove the headset if you experience nausea or any other discomfort.

Sony has a big PlayStation VR announcement set for March 15 at GDC, where we should learn a lot more about the virtual reality headset. The company still hasn’t revealed an official release date or pricing, but we hope to have those details and more later this month.