Sony will officially launch PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 4 tomorrow, on October 13, 2016. It’s selling for $399 in its base form, and that bundle includes a demo disc.

Reviews have been rolling out over the last week with most identifying PSVR as the most comfortable and easy to use take on virtual reality by a contemporary product. The games at launch have been a bit of a mixed bag, as one would expect, but there are some banner titles like Thumper that seem to be all the rage online.

Anecdotally, the discussion amongst my friends has been very ho-hum as it relates to PlayStation VR. Some cite the platform’s price as their reason for holding off, while others think VR is this generation’s version of motion control. Is it a fad that’s hot now but will flame out only after consumers dump money into a product they don’t use much?

I’m not sure about that one. Virtual Reality has some exceptionally heavy hitting names behind it, and the tech seems to work reliably enough that users won’t be frustrated that the real deal doesn’t live up to the hype shown off in commercials and trailers.

Then there’s this whole notion of motion sickness. That one hasn’t plagued me personally, but some consumers understandably can’t get into VR thanks to getting sick every time the headset slides over their eyes.

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